Cryogenic Gloves


Waterproof cryogenic gloves have a waterproof liner that prevents liquids from penetrating the glove to keep hands dry. Cryogenic gloves are worn when handling extremely cold materials down to -300°F.


Hand protection when working with liquid nitrogen, dry ice, liquid baths or blast freezers. Also with liquid oxygen, helium and liquefied natural gas in enclosed systems only as the gloves are not anti-static.
• Maximum thermal protection when working in hazardous, cold environments (in temperatures ranging from -160°C to +148°C).
• A thin, seamless 100% waterproof liner provides protection from spills and splashes.
• Lightweight and comfortable.
• Breathable and stay-dry lining.

Suitable for:Bio-Medical Labs | Clinical Labs | Blood Banks | Fertility Clinics | Pharmaceutical | Genetics and Biotechnology | Cryo-Preservation Facilities | Liquid Spill Response | Industrial | Aerospace | Petrochemical | Frozen Food Processing | Cryogenic Liquid & Gas Producers | Environments where Cryogenic liquids are handled.


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