Areas of expertise:
Laboratory Needs Solution has an extensive expertise in sales, supply and distribution of hospital / laboratory supplies, (consumables, equipment, chemicals and reagents), Hospital/ medical laboratory set up consultancy, installation and user training as well repairs

End User Type:
Although not limited to, those have been our regular clients; Hospitals, Laboratories, Clinics, researchers and Academicians, and training institutions including universities, paramedical schools and applications laboratories, Biotech Companies, Development partners, Contract research Organizations, Industrial Development Laboratories, Industrial Research Laboratories, Agricultural Research Laboratories, and Reference Laboratories.

Product Type:
Hospital equipment, Laboratory Equipment, IVDs, Chemicals, reagents, Lab ware, Medical diagnostic devices, Specialised Diagnostic kits, Microfluidics, and Consumables,

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Our services
• Delivery
We deliver your purchase to your door step and ensure satisfaction of our client of the items purchased. We have a chance to get feedback from our clients and it’s our pleasure seeing our client finding value for his or her money spent during the procurement process. We welcome all sorts of feedback. Quality remains our priority

Installation and training
We do installation of newly purchased equipment and offer user training to the end users. A warrant is clearly stated and where applicable an aftersales servicing period agreed on with our clients.

• Servicing and repairs of medical equipment
We have well motivated experienced biomedical engineers to service and advice on how to prolong the life of your precious medical equipment. We offer servicing of your equipment onsite or on some condition at our fully equipped workshop. We do repairs onsite or at our workshop and provide spare parts in cases they are needed. Do not through away your equipment without a recommendation of our biomedical engineers

• Our suppliers
We import by ourselves the equipment and other related goods from Europe, Asia, US and the neighbouring countries directly from renown brands and manufacturers. This gives us a competitive advantage on the prices and quality of our products. We high quality brands at afford rates

• Area of coverage
Our sales are mainly focused on the African region but we export anywhere of your choice. Several of our clients have offices on this region and operate globally, we have always assisted in the to deliver of their purchases to their sites of operation around the world. We are not only limited to UN, we sell to anyone in this world

• Out sourcing for special orders
We see this world as one global market giving us an opportunity of shopping anywhere. We source for you anywhere in this world for the items that you may need especially for research uses or specialised work. Life science uses a lot that some cannot be readily stocked in our warehouse but can be shop for you from anywhere in this world. Please don’t hesitate to contact our procurement team for a discussion on your needs

Employees and Directors:
We have a highly motivated energetic and experienced team of medical laboratory scientists, medical officers, procurement and supply chain controllers, bio-medical engineers, quality assurance experts and marketing and sales team.

Laboratory Needs Solution is proud of adequate human resource, international business partners, finances, Warehouse for storage purpose, cold storage, Transport Vans and delivery trucks, service centre, internet and stable electric supply.

Targeted Achievement
Partner with selling brands and distributorship agreements
• Increase the marketing and sales department to double the annual sales
• Satisfy our customer and maintain quality
• Increase the market share

Marketing strategies
We door to Door delivery, Chain marketing, contracts, media adverts
• We do promotions and strategic partnership for brands visibility,
• digital marketing, donations, and exhibitions and trainings.
• We attend to both local and international exhibition and trainings to strengthen visibility and exposure of our team to the high changing science needs and innovations

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Terms and conditions
Provide specifications of your requirements as precise as possible in order for us to serve best